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1. Washed products:

Alkaline water washing liquid, advantages selling point: light yellow transparent liquid, weakly alkaline, effectively remove grease on the surface of the metal workpiece, easy to rinse, increase brightness, will not cause corrosion on the metal surface, washing and rust resistance is stronger and lower cost , In line with environmental protection requirements in China, Europe and America.

APEO 、亚硝酸盐、磷、重金属、氢、硅等,废水易处理,且符合中国、欧美环保要求。 Neutral water washing liquid, advantages selling point: neutral formula, good metal corrosion resistance and cleaning power, free of APEO , nitrite, phosphorus, heavy metals, hydrogen, silicon, etc. The wastewater is easy to handle and meets China, Europe and the United States Environmental requirements.

Acidic washing liquid, the advantages and selling points: carbon steel, cast iron, iron, nickel, etc., degreasing, deoxidizing layer, do not damage the substrate after cleaning, keep the original Guanze, and is conducive to electroplating, spraying, rust prevention, etc.

Dewaxing washing liquid, advantages and selling points: high-performance dewaxing water, strong penetration, strong and long-lasting cleaning power for polishing wax and grease, and suitable for polishing wax and oil stains on various metals.

Spray water washing and cleaning liquid: patented formula, low foam, PH value is weakly alkaline, quick degreasing, corrosion inhibition to metal, rust resistance.

2. Hydrocarbon products:

Volatile hydrocarbon cleaning agent, advantages selling point: petroleum low boiling point distillate, mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen element carbon compounds, low odor, low flash point, volatile, no drying, fast operation, easy to remove products Simple oily surface, no metal corrosion, waste liquid can be used for combustion treatment, effectively replace dichloromethane, trichloroethylene, white electric oil to clean different materials, shape, size, different volatility cleaning fluid, economic Cleaning program.

Slow volatile hydrocarbon cleaning agent, advantages selling points: low odor, low cost, high purity, good compatibility with metal, can remove light or heavy oil stains from the metal surface, after drying, completely volatilized, does not remain in the product It has anti-rust function on the surface. The waste liquid can be recycled and reused. The waste liquid can not be used for fuel combustion treatment. It meets China's environmental protection requirements and European and American environmental protection requirements. It can clean heavy dirt, solid dirt, slight waterborne or oily oil stains. Replacing trichloroethylene, dichloromethane, cold degreaser, white oil, kerosene, etc., different shapes, sizes, materials, dirt, equipment, placement, and selection of different detergents are currently widely used in the market.

Vacuum hydrocarbon precision detergent, advantages selling point: high purity petroleum distillate, high flash point, high safety, single component or similar components, good stability, narrow distillation range, no aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfur, low odor Non-corrosive metal, excellent compatibility with oil stains, suitable for cleaning under vacuum and reduced pressure, steam drying, removing oil stains without residue, very high recovery rate, stable and reliable, long life, no change in odor, so as to achieve cost reduction and quality Stable, waste liquid can be used for fuel combustion treatment.

Multifunctional powerful hydrocarbon detergent, advantages selling point: patented formula, strong dissolving power, 3 times that of traditional hydrocarbon detergent. Water-based and oil-based hardware products and electronic circuit boards, flux, solder paste, combined with vacuum ultrasonic cleaning, better effect, recycling, longer life, lower cost, low VOC no sewage discharge, in line with China, Europe and the United States Environmental standards.

3. Dehydrating agent LP, advantages Selling point: slow volatilization, incompatible with water, adding peeling surfactant, to separate water from the surface of plastic or hardware products, the drainage direction is downward, after dehydration, and then to the next process.

4. Mold washing liquid, advantages Selling point: Patented formula, PH value ﹥ 12Cooperate with electrolysis machine, can easily remove all kinds of dirt on the mold, including rust spots and gas, oil stains, mold release agent, rust inhibitor, etc., not suitable for colored metal. guage: AR-SA '> No sewage discharge, in line with environmental protection standards in China, Europe and America.

Instructions for use of Ultrasonic Electrolytic Washing Machine:

Features and selling points: Ultrasonic electrolytic cleaning machine is suitable for mold cleaning, electroplating, plastics and other industries. The cleaning effect is good, it can restore the original color of the metal, and it is beautiful as new.

属工件在阳极,即便是狭缝工件的污垢,也能完全去除,不损坏金属表面。 Process and function: Electrolysis combined with ultrasonic method to remove dirt, heavy oil stains, heavy rust spots, methane gas on the metal surface, and can also be stripped of paint. Under the vibration of ultrasonic waves, flowing electrolyte and gas, the dirt is peeled and floated, gold The workpiece belongs to the anode, and even the dirt of the slit workpiece can be completely removed without damaging the metal surface.

GL-0960 Model: GL-0960

530mm × 400mm × 700mm Dimensions: 530mm × 400mm × 700mm

220V Power supply: 220V

15A Rated current: 15A

5. SMT steel mesh cleaning agent, advantages and selling points: low odor, low cost, volatile, strong cleaning power and penetration of solder paste.

低气味,溶解力强,慢挥发,高闪点。 SMT red gum detergent, the advantages selling point: low odor, strong solubility, slow evaporation, high flash point.

SMT furnace fixture cleaning liquid, advantages selling points: low odor, water soluble, non-flammable, suitable for high temperature baking flux, good cleaning effect on solder paste, carbide, oxide, etc., while meeting China, Europe and the United States environmental protection requirements .

PCBA circuit board cleaning liquid, advantages selling point: moderate boiling point, petroleum is distilled through multiple processes, and then distilled by stages to prepare hydrocarbon cleaners with different functions, after drying, completely volatile, no residue On the surface of the product and with anti-rust function, it meets China's environmental protection requirements and European and American environmental protection requirements; the volatilization rate is 1038> 1049> ED45> 1055, ED45 has strong dissolving power, can clean heavy dirt, solid dirt, slight water or oily Grease.

6. Optical glass cleaning liquid, advantages selling point: weak alkaline, no corrosion to glass, high particle dispersion, effectively preventing reverse pollution, and has good cleaning power for fingerprints, polishing liquid, dust oxide, etc.

PH 值,有效去除有机和无机微粒、低泡、易漂洗,极低金属离子含量。 7. Semiconductor cleaning liquid, advantages and selling points: high PH value, effective removal of organic and inorganic particles, low foam, easy rinsing, and extremely low metal ion content. CMP 前后处理、 CVD 前后处理洗净液。 Grease, grinding and polishing agent, inorganic dust after solar crystal garden grinding, suitable for semiconductor circuit manufacturing, semiconductor components, after photoresist development, before and after CMP treatment, before and after CVD cleaning solution.

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