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Quality brand

17 年,知名度高,品牌响,行业著名公司大部分在使用我司产品,拥有先进生产设备、仪器、人才、管理体系、可靠技术配方、确保品质稳定可靠、创新和高效使用。 Chicco specializes in the photoelectrochemical, cleaning, lubrication, and anti-rust industries. It has been cultivating for 17 years. It has a high reputation and a well-known brand. Most of the well-known companies in the industry are using our products, with advanced production equipment, instruments, talents, management systems, and reliability. Technical formula to ensure stable and reliable quality, innovation and efficient use.

Environmental protection and safety

From raw materials, production technology, production equipment, production environment to meet the industry, national and European environmental protection standards and Chinese safety requirements.

Innovation and efficiency

Professional R & D team, technology, instruments, equipment, combined with market and customer needs to develop innovative, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient products, so that the company's products remain ahead of the market competitiveness, while providing customers with technical services.

Cost scale

5 万吨产品生产规模、安全清洁生产、先进自动化设备及仪器、技术人才、保证质量及产量供应且低成本。 Chicco has a production scale of 50,000 tons of products, safe and clean production, advanced automation equipment and instruments, technical personnel, guaranteed quality and output supply, and low cost.

Sales team

After a variety of training and evaluation of the marketing team, systematic cooperation and cohesion understand customer needs very well and provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Efficient logistics

There are factory offices and warehouses in major industrial cities in China. Logistics fleet and information management provide customers with fast delivery, after-sales service and cost reduction to ensure smooth product use.

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