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With the continuous improvement of the quality of people's living, living and working environment, the directive requirements for the environment have also jumped to a new level, and new environmental protection regulations have emerged. Therefore, Chicco has strict control over production in response to these requirements.

、在来料、研发、生产、贮存、销售过程中不使用中国及欧美禁止使用的物质。 1. Do not use substances prohibited by China, Europe and the United States in the process of incoming materials, R & D, production, storage and sales.

、引进先进的设备仪器和环保高效的配方,力求生产过程中清洁安全生产,不会产生三废或者经过合格处理符合国家标准才排放。 2. Introduce advanced equipment and instruments and environmentally friendly and efficient formulas, and strive for clean and safe production in the production process, and will not produce three wastes or discharge after qualified treatment in accordance with national standards.

、使用可循环再用和可降解产品。 3. Use recyclable and degradable products.

、不断开发引进环保材料,符合RoHS Reach ,无卤, WEEE4. Continue to develop and introduce environmentally friendly materials, comply with RoHS Reach , halogen-free, WEEE .

、向公司员工和客户宣传环保知识,做一个对社会环保有责任的公司。 5. Promote environmental protection knowledge to company employees and customers, and be a company responsible for social environmental protection.

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